While guests are still in last place, but their situation does not look as hopeless as a few weeks ago. On the ground Toulouse Lorient carries solid form, unbeaten three times in a row, while he quite politely began to flourish in the attack. Domestic intend to undo the last setback in Nice, where they had absolutely no chance.

Wards coach Pascal Dupraz practically since the end of October can not find optimal comfort. For the last seven matches they benefitted only five points, but mainly due parádnímu beginning of the season still holds in the battle for the Cup partitions. And success at Municipal Stadium are key. Before their own fans already won five of the seven cases.

Two weeks ago in Toulouse, Montpellier bounded away, but on the outcome of this last undeveloped, and the attic second Nice deservedly fell by three goals. "The opponent was superior in all respects," Dupraz recognized sports. "We had too much absenteeism. Nice I really reminds Leicester. It is a dynamic team with a lot of technical features."

Domestic situation on medics still no significant progress. And above all, they have to deal with establishing defensive lines, because of various reasons, will miss Francois Moubandjé, Christopher Jullien and Steeve Yago, fully fit yet neither Issa Diop. Of the reserves and was called Dusan Veškovač.

When the count in the extra losses Óscar Trejo Jean Daniel Akpy Akpra or Alexis Blin Lorient has a really good chance to harness his opponent severely torment and retain existing balance short invincibility. Guests recently compiled a draw in the attic Angers and the third time in a row scored in one match at least twice.

Les Merlus also suffer some injuries, are not quite right Steven Moreira, Abdul Waris, Sylvain Marveaux and Michaël Ciani, whose start is uncertain. Healthy is still number one goalie Benjamin Lecomte. "I think we are on the right track. We are making steps. Still, it is necessary to distinguish the current situation and the one that will be the end of the season," said coach Bernard Casoni.