Only draw 1: 1 to Karvina soil attributes Mlada Boleslav. Central Bohemia even had tightened since the first quarter of an hour before the end pushed Luke Budinský. Plichta finally arranged for its fluke Ladislav Takács.

The match started pretty wild and a great chance was not long in coming. Then throw away the very first guests, namely Luke Železník that after Přikrylová sklepnutí criminally overshot the goal. Then on the other hand failed another striker Thomas Wagner, who shot from a clear live betting in Kenya position at all pretty. Karvina but remained in the balloon, and soon had to extinguish the danger Šeda Luke Buda and a double opportunity Marek Janecek! Goalkeeper Jan Seda could not rest even in the next few minutes, they reveled domestic activity and Mlada Boleslav on goal and fired Kostal Budinský, but without success.

Karvina did have the upper hand in the first half, but at the beginning of the second half could be different. Takács surprised Laštůvka long shot, and Lukas Magera prompt dorážkou ruffled network. But his joy was futile because they were offside position, which signaled the linesman flag.

After an hour the game was released again attack Karvina and he was good penetration. Budinský has failed, nor Wagner and even Janecek. On the other hand, again had to be Laštůvka and just three minutes later, 73 minutes, it's worked out for the home side. On Puchelův cross the great Luke ran Budinský and Seda was without chances. Joy at the stadium in Karvina did not last long. Ladislav Takács on the edge of the box just fired, and it was 1: 1st

Home had a chance to take the lead back, but the set pieces from an excellent position not loaded Puchel well. Karvina so before his own audience tied with Mlada Boleslav 1: 1st