Montpellier last time shocked all Ligue 1 at home and swept away three goals from a proud defending champions PSG. Of course we continue these performances he wants to continue. But his opponent led last well above expectations. Lille victory over Caen and Bordeaux slain outside and it looks like it is getting into gaming comfort.

If domestic manages to triumph for the third time in a row, forward angle his opponent in the table, further delaying the relegation zone and closer to the calm center. This is probably the most major goal wards temporary coach Patrick Collot until the end of autumn, which is eagerly approaching. Cup partitions are currently outside reality.

Collot in the last two rounds of the men managed to restart beautifully. And who knows how long in his post last end. "I am proud of my players. Especially on how they played in the first half," he commented match in Bordeaux. "When I am surprised, as we are in the last two games put things together with our commitment, mentality and desire."

Montpellier on your opponent in recent years, much not. Everywhere all over he won in only one case, and it just last spring. Otherwise him in the previous seven cases failed to beat. In the north of France last fully succeeded in 2011, after the Paris Club scalp but can definitely believe in breaking this negative statistic.

Visiting the pilot but did not want to overestimate the last match. "To win over PSG 3: 0, must meet more things at once," he tamed emotions. "He had a demanding schedule, it is difficult for him to win it all, and did not play well. But I do not underestimate the merits of his players, whom I congratulate. My team has huge potential, mainly showed mental strength."