Dukla entered the spring part of the season victorious. On the ground Hradec Kralove won deservedly 2: 0th Hradec also had chances, but neither one of them could be translated into a goal.

Hradec Kralove extended so sad series at its own stadium, where so far won. Also in this game went better guests, even though the counter attack could hit Malinský, but lacking a better ending. On the other hand, it was the perfect opportunity prováhal Holenda and defense Votroků eventually disarmed in time.

Anyway Dukla remained in tow, Mustedanagič sent to Ottmar unpleasant ground shot, but the goalkeeper Hradec deal with her. Shooting luck also tried Tetour, but the change has blocked Chleboun. In 38.minutě then he could not reach the ball Holenda a number of missed chances for the visiting side steeply increasing. Before the end of the half the home audience and reminded Votroci, but Pázler alone in front of goal ultimately nezakončil.

A similar picture was seen games even after changing sides. More of the game had Dukla Hradec but also proved to be dangerous. Until 67.minuty but both teams to drop as much as possible. Especially domestic trio Malinský, Martan, Black held his head, but it is necessary to compliment a great keeper Council. Change in scores occurred near 67.minutě announced and celebrated guests. Jakub administration stood up to the standard situation and showed that he has an excellent kicking technique, his shot over the wall Ottmar reached. Dukla then had a big effort for the fastest possible second goal, which would match finally won on his side, but she had to wait until the set time. Hradec for the final pressure Ottmar sent into the opponent's penalty area, which swift counterattack Dukla took advantage and scored enrolled Jan Holenda.