Thank God that we won. "Everything you need to know about the Czech team and the World Championship in 2013. The program, online transfers, photo galleries, video reports. Back to those mistakes. What was it? "I do not know ... If I knew, I would say that the cabin. Perhaps inattention. "Or underestimation?

"We have in our situation, we can not underestimate anyone. They mančafty skate well ... "How old were you at that state of 1: 2? "I always believed that we have to somehow ubouchat. Slovenians had a couple of empty goal so suddenly stop breathing altogether when you see it. Then you say it's good luck stands by us, so we must not offend. "They're just now mentally challenging games like during the battle for the Stanley Cup?
"It's like when you play seven games in the playoffs. We just have to. Nothing we can not make excuses, we have to thaw. We had a powerplay, CPEM's the goal, which is good. That decision - just powerplay, weakening. "Can you kick the win before the match with Canada? "We must discuss it and encouraging." A lot to improve.

"It's absolutely! Because if we play like in the first period, we could lose or do not know how many goals .... "Last Captain flies to the rescue! Czech hockey players to strengthen the World Cup striker Tomas Plekanec. After falling out of Montreal in the first round of the Stanley Cup with Ottawa approved ... Seen by Experts | "They decide goalies.